Caldwell, Idaho, situated in Canyon County, is a city that effortlessly combines small-town charm with modern convenience. Nestled within the Boise Metropolitan Area, Caldwell boasts a rich history, a thriving agricultural sector, and a burgeoning community, making it an alluring place to live, work, and explore.


Caldwell is strategically located in the southwestern region of Idaho, just about 30 miles away from Boise, the state capital. Encompassing an area of approximately 22 square miles (57 square kilometers), this city is cradled in the Treasure Valley, surrounded by the picturesque beauty of mountain ranges, including the Owyhee Mountains to the south and the Boise Mountains to the northeast.

The geographic landscape of Caldwell is marked by fertile agricultural plains interspersed with gentle rolling hills. The nearby Snake River flows to the south of the city, offering not only scenic beauty but also opportunities for water-based activities.


According to the most recent data available, Caldwell is home to approximately 63,000 residents. The city has a broad appeal, attracting a diverse range of individuals, from families to young professionals and retirees, all drawn by the city's affordability, strong sense of community, and recreational possibilities.

Caldwell proudly embraces its agricultural heritage, with a significant segment of its population engaged in farming and related industries. The city's economy thrives on agriculture, with key crops including sugar beets, onions, potatoes, and grain.

The demographic makeup of Caldwell mirrors a rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds, contributing to its vibrant and diverse community. The city actively celebrates this diversity through various community events, such as the renowned Caldwell Night Rodeo, one of the largest rodeo events in the Pacific Northwest.

Caldwell's educational institutions are overseen by the Caldwell School District, which includes several elementary, middle, and high schools. Additionally, the city is home to the College of Idaho, a private liberal arts college that has been an integral part of the community since its founding in 1891.

The city offers an array of amenities and recreational opportunities, including parks, golf courses, trails, and community centers, providing spaces for outdoor activities and community gatherings. The downtown area showcases historic buildings, local boutiques, eateries, and cultural attractions.

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