Middleton is a city located in Canyon County, Idaho. Situated in the Treasure Valley region, Middleton offers a charming small-town atmosphere with access to urban amenities. Known for its agricultural heritage, friendly community, and strong sense of patriotism, Middleton is a place where residents can enjoy a peaceful and welcoming environment.


Middleton covers an area of approximately 2.6 square miles (6.7 square kilometers) and is nestled between the Boise River to the southeast and the rolling hills of the Owyhee Mountains to the south. The city is situated about 22 miles west of Boise, the state capital.

The geography of Middleton features a mix of flat plains and gentle slopes, showcasing the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Numerous nearby farms and orchards contribute to the rural charm of the city and provide scenic landscapes.


As of the latest available data, Middleton has a population of approximately 9,000 residents. The city attracts a diverse range of people, including families, retirees, and those seeking a close-knit community.

Middleton is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The city's residents take pride in their strong community spirit, as evidenced by local events, parades, and gatherings that celebrate the city's heritage and bring people together.

Agriculture plays a significant role in the local economy and heritage of Middleton. Many residents are involved in farming or related industries, contributing to the city's rich agricultural roots that include crops such as potatoes, grain, corn, and fruits.

The demographics of Middleton reflect a mix of cultures and backgrounds, contributing to the community's cultural diversity. The city celebrates its heritage through events, festivals, and community programs that showcase local traditions and showcase the talents and diversity of its residents.

The education system in Middleton is served by the Middleton School District, providing quality education for students in the area. The district offers several schools, including an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school, ensuring that children have access to educational opportunities close to home.

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